The Shaivite Archetype


Shaivism, and Hinduism, are not actually “a Religion”; they are “the Religion”. Hindu Priests, usually Worshipers of Lord Shiva, are called Sadhu (male) or Sadhvi (female), derived from the word Sadhana, which literally means “Spiritual Practice”, and Sadhu means “One who practices a Spiritual Practice”. And Shiva has existed in every single culture in which Marijuana has existed; long hair, dread locks, meditation, etc. These are not things that your generation discovered and the next generation is following; this has been happening for at least the past 4500 Years, since before the time of Vedanta. 15% of the Planet actively worships Lord Shiva knowingly, a massive percentage of the Planet are doing so completely unaware of what they are doing. Anyone can Worship Shiva, but this is a natural phenomenon that Shiva brings to a culture.


Rig Veda, Chapter 10 Hymn 136

केश्यग्निं केशी विषं केशी बिभर्ति रोदसी | keśyaghniṃ keśī viṣaṃ keśī bibharti rodasī |

He with the long loose locks supports Agni, and moisture, heaven, and earth:

केशीविश्वं सवर्द्र्शे केशीदं जयोतिरुच्यते || keśīviśvaṃ svardṛśe keśīdaṃ jyotirucyate ||

He is all sky to look upon: he with long hair is called this light.

केशीकेतस्य विद्वान सखा सवादुर्मदिन्तमः || keśīketasya vidvān sakhā svādurmadintamaḥ ||

He with long locks, who knows the wish, is a sweet most delightful friend

केशीविषस्य पात्रेण यद रुद्रेणापिबत सह || keśīviṣasya pātreṇa yad rudreṇāpibat saha ||

When he with long loose locks hath drunk, with Rudra, Soma from the cup.