Shaivite Temple Rites of Beneficence

“There is a part of us that longs for something tangible [that reminds us of, and connects us to God, Grace, & Spirit], that….interacts with the senses. The sacraments, those sacred mixtures of matter and the Holy Spirit, fulfill that need.”
From: ‘The Sacramentals: What are they?’ Regina Doman

All Sacrament(s) – being ‘Sacred Food’ – offered by Shaivite Temple is not a ‘drug’ as defined under 21 U.S.C., Title 21, §321(g)(1) of the FD&C Act which defines a drug as an ‘article that is intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in man or other animals and articles (other than food) intended to affect the structure or function of the body of man or other animals.’

Shaivite Temple Rites of Beneficence


I: Expectant and/or nursing Parishioners should not partake Molecular Sacrament.

II: Parishioners undergoing pharmaco-therapy for a physical or neurological condition are advised to consult with the prescribing physician before partaking Molecular Sacrament.

III. The ingestion of Molecular Sacrament is not without risk; the ingestion of any given substance necessarily and inevitably is associated with some degree of risk including medical complication(s) that may result in hospitalization and/or death. Each individual assumes the risk associated with the use of Molecular Sacrament and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Shaivite Temple, its Pastor, and any affiliates, suppliers or other associated individuals, corporations or entities for any loss, dames, medical complication, hospitalization, or death that may arise from the use of Molecular Sacrament.

IV: Molecular Sacrament, as a physical form of Shiva, are offered, and intended for, the discovery and realization of their Inherent Beneficence including the fosterance of a heightened awareness of The Divine Creator(s)/The Grand Architect(s)/God & Grace; the promotion of more joyful relationships; and the cultivation of greater appreciation of the Magnificent Beauty, Immeasurable Worth & Miraculous Nature of Ourselves, of Others, of the Planet Earth & of the Greater Cosmos.

V: Molecular Sacrament are instruments for discovery and development of the ability to constructively and lovingly experience and process the infinite and ever-changing range of emotional, psychological, and spiritual states; Molecular Sacrament do not provide for ‘temporary escape’ from Existence nor do Molecular Sacrament foster or support the avoidance, masking, or concealing of difficult emotions, unpleasant psychological states, and/or moments of spiritual unrest; partaking Molecular Sacrament for such purposes shall be unfruitful.

VI: Reverent, and proper, partakence of Molecular Sacrament shall not increase the likelihood of harm to any person, creature, or property.

VII: Reverent, and proper, partakence of Molecular Sacrament shall augment, rather than diminish, the miraculous gift of being able to regulate one’s action(s)/behavior(s).

VIII: The privilege of access to Molecular Sacrament thru the Shaivite Temple shall be forfeited for an indeterminate period of time in the event that the Parishioner:
1. Signals a willful intent to disregard Rites of Beneficence – or is known to have done so.
2. Is known to have caused or aided in the partakence of Molecular Sacrament by any person or without His or Her express knowledge & informed consent.
A. Through and by the Infinitely Wise Design of The Divine Creator(s) /The Grand Architect(s)/God, partaking Molecular Sacrament by means of oral ingestion (swallowing) usually provides for Optimal Beneficence. Alternative methods of partakence should be avoided (unless justified by a specific circumstance/condition such as gastro-intestinal unrest).

B. References to Model Partakence provide guidance for realizing Optimal Beneficence in partaking Molecular Sacrament; Parishioners are encouraged to adjust partakence to their individual case(s) and arrive at the least amount of Sacrament sufficient to realize the desired Beneficent effect(s)/outcome(s).

C. If You believe you are having an undesirable response from partaking Molecular Sacrament rather than enjoying Beneficence, either reduce, or discontinue partakence.

D. Partaking, in a single instance, an amount greater than three times (3x) that of Model Partakence is strongly discouraged. If it is deemed You have willfully mis-used or if there is reason to believe You intend to deliberately misuse Molecular Sacrament your privilege of access to Molecular Sacrament shall be forfeited for an indeterminate period of time.

E. The achievement of Optimal Beneficence of Molecular Sacrament is best realized and maintained by engaging in at least one (1) day of mindful abstinence in any seven (7) day period – and by limiting partakence of any single given Molecular Sacrament according to the ‘For Optimal Beneficence’ guidance provided with the educational insert that accompanies any given Molecular Sacrament. Partakence in excess of the provided guidances tends to detract from Beneficence and is discouraged.

F. Partakence of two (2) or more types of Molecular Sacrament together, at the same time (e.g. EASE & BRIGHT), is generally advised against; doing so should be approached with great care.

G. Partakence of Molecular Sacrament by means of insufflation (snorting), and/or by burning and inhaling is strongly discouraged and should only be utilized when justifiable circumstances to do so exist.

H. Partakence of Molecular Sacrament™ by means of injection into the body/bloodstream shall only be acceptable if justified by medical circumstances & done under medical supervision.

I. Beneficence of Molecular Sacrament may be amplified by partaking together with others in Fellowship & Goodwill.

J. Under no circumstance should You make it so that another Human Being partakes Molecular Sacrament without His/Her express knowledge and fully informed consent.

K. Partaking alcohol in conjunction with Molecular Sacrament in other than modest amounts, is strongly discouraged – as alcohol tends to interfere with the realization of Optimal Beneficence .

L. Do not drive or operate any type of machinery or heavy equipment after partaking Molecular Sacrament until You have become familiar with the various dimensions and aspects of Beneficence and are certain You are able to do so without increasing the likelihood of putting Yourself and/or Others in harms way.

M. Partaking modest amounts of water (most preferably) and/or other liquids that do not contain alcohol at regular intervals before, during, & after partaking Molecular Sacrament aids in the realization of Optimal Beneficence.

N. For reasons that remain largely unknown to the neurosciences, Female Human Beings (i.e. Goddesses in Human Form) tend to be more sensitive to partakence of Molecular Sacrament, and therefore may realize Optimal Beneficence by partaking smaller amounts of Molecular Sacrament than their male counterparts.

O. Before partaking Molecular Sacrament reflect upon your familiarity with Molecular Sacrament, your mind-set, your setting/surroundings & your purpose for partaking Molecular Sacrament.

P. In All Things Give Thanks – Especially things You do not like.

Q. Remind Yourself each & every day of the Miraculous& Wondrous nature of Your Own Being & of Your Innermost, Immeasurable Beauty; as well as that of Everyone & Everything surrounding You.

R. Give Thanks each & every day to The Divine Creator(s)/The Grand Architect(s)/God & Grace who gave You Life & provide Each of Us with an Ever-Wondrous Planet Earth & Universal Galaxseas in which to Swim, live, discover and above all love.

Sacraments, none of which are listed on the UN Psychotropics Treaty, and are therefor legal to use under the Supreme Court Decision Gonzales V O Centro

alpha-Ethyltryptamine (a-ET)
alpha-Methyltryptamine (a-MT)
5-Methoxy-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine (5-MeO-DiPT)
5-Methoxy-N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT)
2-(4-Iodo-2,5-dimethoxyphenyl) ethanamine (2C-I)
2-(2,5-Dimethoxy-4-ethylphenyl) ethanamine (2C-E)
2-(2,5-Dimethoxy-4-methylphenyl) ethanamine (2C-D)
2-(2,5-Dimethoxy-4-nitro-phenyl) ethanamine (2C-N)
2-(2,5-Dimethoxy-4-(n)-propylphenyl) ethanamine (2C-P)