Outline of the Shaivite Temple Human Rights Case


I’m going to explain the Human Rights case for everyone. In Human Rights Court there are 3 types of actions that can be considered by the Court. A Direct Act, an Act of Acquiescence, or an Act of Omission.

I have been practicing my Religion since I was 14 years old, but that is not even the main part of the Case. My brother died when he was 12 when the Doctors put him into a Coma, and his brain began releasing a Molecule that they said would make it swell, as a defense mechanism, until it filled up like a Balloon and no lines were left, and it filled every crevice of his skull, and went down his spine. Most people would hear that and accept that the Doctor said their Family member was going to die. I started doing research, and I found that brain swelling (Edema), the defense mechanism the brain was causing, which was going to kill it, had been studied in Israel. They had seen people get caught in bomb droppings in Palestine, or have some other Traumatic Brain Injury, but if the Cannabinoid 2-AG were applied, it completely preserved the persons brain. And the research papers I found explained how Cannabinoids are a Neural Protectant, and even promoted Neurogenesis, meaning the creation of New Brain Cells.

So I showed this research to the Doctors, and they said “We are willing to try anything” and they said the Research Papers looked like they were right, and that they would work. But they told me that I would have to get the Cannabinoid, and it would have to be the exact one from the Israeli paper, because that was the paper where they were doing exactly the procedure we needed, but really any Cannabinoid would have worked according to all the other papers. And they acknowledged that all the Papers were right, but that they were unwilling to do it unless it was with 2-AG; and we needed to get it in his feeding tube. And we were in Colorado.

So my brother died, because Doctors are afraid of the DEA’s guidelines.

Now, to prove the DEA is at fault. First, the Controlled Substances Act was written in 1971, and the goal was not to ban substances, but to keep drugs out of “illegal channels” and “provide for regulation and research of drugs”. The Controlled Substances Act is part of the “Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970”. The best way to explain the process is Coca-Cola. In the early 1900s the Pure Food and Drugs Act was created, which took Cocaine and Heroine off of the grocery stores and beverages. So Coca-Cola removed the Cocaine, but kept the Coca. A company called Stepan Company got an exemption from the DEA to import Coca leaves from Peru, extract the Cocaine to sell to Mallinckrodt, and then make a second extract from the depleted leaves, and sell that extract to Coca-Cola. The rules are that if you want to import Cocaine, you must alert the DEA, tell them how much you are importing, from where, and what was going to be done with it. Then the Attorney General reviews it, and sees if you meet the Security and other standards, and if you do, you get an exemption.

In 2004 the DEA was part of a case called Normaco V DEA, where the DEA was trying to allow a new Cocaine Manufacturer, Johnson Mathey, into the Market. And Normaco, another Cocaine Manufacturer, said that if the other company were allowed it, it would hurt their Profits. The Federal Court ruled that the DEA can’t enforce Monopolies or Trusts using US Law that states that you just have to meet certain guidelines. And the DOJ Anti-Trust Division made a Statement that “That is called the Free Market” and said the DEA could not enforce Monopolies.

So that is how it works.

But Doctors still do not have access to, or are afraid to access if they do have access to, life saving treatments. And it’s not the Doctors faults, they don’t have access to research about this, or the ability to retrieve most of it. And every day they have to tell people “Their brain is going to swell until it fills every cavity of their skull” and the family of that person just accepts it, because they don’t know. And there are companies that are allowed to Manufacture, Tetreahydrocannabinols of any kind, and Catalent is allowed to import Marijuana, and the University of Mississippi has been supplying Federal Marijuana Patients for Decades. And people are allowed to let their family member die by putting hands on them and refusing medical treatment in a Hospital, and get arrested. But a Doctor would not even let me get arrested by practicing my Religion to save my brother. If I were able to put something in his feeding tube, he would be alive right now.