Let the Machines Do it

First, you have probably heard the phrase, “There’s an app for that”. In just a few years it is believed by pretty much the entire Tech community (anyone who knows about this discussion) that instead of “There’s an app for that” anyone with a Smartphone will be saying “There’s a bot for that”.

You have probably heard of various bots, and when you think of a bot the first thing you probably think of is a Roomba, or some kind of Cooking or Cleaning bot, or Drones, or Drone cars, or something like that. But bots do not have to be physical; you are probably asked regularly by your computer “Are you a robot?” or it will tell you to “Prove you are not a robot”. An example of these kinds of bots are chat bots, or Siri, or bots that are used to keep Wikipedia from being vandalized, or bots that act as Personal Assistants by responding to emails and allowing people to ask to set up meetings with you, or bots that are used by gamers to have their character do things over and over so they don’t have to sit there and do it; there are all kinds of non-physical bots. And Bazillion Beings is a company in Armenia that is bringing those bots to everyone. Right now if you want a bot, you have to first off know that that kind of bots exists somehow. If you want a bot that acts as a Personal Assistant, you have to be able to type in Google “Personal Assistant bot”, but, without having read this post, you may not have even know that you could just go and do that. Then you have to pick one, and maybe get a virus, and then figure it out. Same if you are gamer or anyone else who wants a bot. Bazillion Beings is creating an app that hosts bots, so you don’t have to know about any certain kind of bot, and you don’t have to worry about viruses, and you don’t have to even really know much at all. All you will have to know how to do is use the app store, and click things in an app. And these bots will create/find blogs, create/find webpages, create/find playlists, create/find backgrounds, and it will find places in your area that you may be interested in going to, and it will find people you might want to meet, and it will find other bots that you might want to download. And as it learns about you it gets smarter and other people can download it, and then you can download other people’s and mix their best features together to create a new bot, then you can release that bot and other people can download your bot. And as the bots do the work they do, they will be earning Cryptocurrencies, and therefor earning you money; and you actually earn money on bots that are created from your bot by other people. And they even plan on having them be so curious, that they ask you questions about what kind of food and drinks and everything pair well together, so that it can suggest places for you based on their actual menu and what you like.

So what this Company is doing is not something that is already happening, this is something that is going to change what it means to own a Smartphone.  And the most important part of this company is not that it is using a  Cryptocurrency, that is an afterthought, which is why they are treating  it like one. The main point of this company is that they are making Bots  available to everyone, for use by everyone, in a way that Bots have  never been made available before. Never before in the history of Bots  has it been possible for someone who hardly knows how to use a computer,  to simply pick up their phone, download and app, pick a bot, and earn  money from it. And further, it has never been possible for that person  to also, with a few clicks on the app, to create a new Bot, and release  it into the world for everyone they know on Facebook and Twitter, so  that other people that hardly know how to use computers can also use and  create Bots and earn money from them.

So I think this is an amazing step, and I want to add something that I think will help this whole movement.



Bitcoin’s value does not come from Greed, Bitcoin’s value does not come from it being secure. Bitcoins value comes from the novelty, and the fact that it is used to purchase things. And that started with Drugs, Guns, Counterfeit money and Sawed off body parts.

Greed does not make Bitcoin worth more, sharing it does. The more people who use it, the more people who can get it, the more people who have some, the more valuable it is. And the best way to get Cryptocurrency, is to make your own. If there were a Google Coin, or an Apple Coin (or iCoin), etc, they would be worth more than Bitcoin over night (after news started breaking), guaranteed.

So this thread is going to be the best place on the Internet for people to go to in order to learn to create a currency.

First, go to this website and fill out the form, and copy the .json file that it generates for you.

After you do that, go to this repository and follow the instructions with your .json file.

And you have a coin, but no wallet.


First, go here.

But get all the dependencies first.

The build command is
make -j

So that is how to make a coin, it is that easy. If that does not work, use these links to install all the dependencies, then try again.

You may also need to get an external hard drive and set up Swap Space.

If you are doing that and run into any errors, just look through this thread, and your error should be there, pretty much every error is here.



The way a Cryptocurrency works is that a percentage of it goes to the  people who have the coin running on their computer, or on a system  called an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). While it is  running on their computer or on an ASIC, extremely complex math  problems, called “Blocks”, are being solved. Blocks are created by  transactions (for example, I send you a coin and a Block is created),  and as the Blocks are solved the transaction goes through (when someone  solves the Block, you get the coin I sent you), and by solving the Block  the person or pool of people who put their computer power towards  solving it, get paid, and that is how new coins are generated. Most  coins distribute 100% of their coins this way, or by having people have  coins in their Wallet, and their Wallet will automatically mine. These 2  methods are called POW  (Proof of Work) and POS (Proof of Stake). With  coins like the one that is likely being created for Bazillion Beings, a  percentage of the coin will go to the Bots and their creators/users.  Meaning that if you use or create bots you can earn coins just like  someone who is mining. These coins can be traded for Bitcoin on various  websites like Bittrex or C-Cex, and can then be turned into cash and  deposited in your bank account on websites like Coinbase. I have done  this with tons of different coins, but Bazillion Beings is going to be  different. Bazillion Beings is creating something outside of the  Cryptocurrency world. Every other Cryptocurrency has started inside the  Bitcoin world, and has then attempted to reach out to the world from  there. Bazillion Beings is not even talking about their Cryptocurrency,  and are not advertising themselves on Crpytocurrency websites. The fact  that they are (probably) using a Cryptocurrency is almost an  afterthought, and not the main driver. This is the first company to use  Cryptocurrency like that. It’s like if Google were to create Google  coin, it would be more popular than Bitcoin or any Altcoin that exists  today, because it would reach out past the Bitcoin community.

If you know someone in the Red Cross, or Green Peace, or the Peace Corps, or Doctors Without Borders, or FEMA, or NASA, or anything other Non-Authoritarian Public Sector groups and NGOs; you could make them a coin and they could fundraise the same way Steemit works, with no one actually having to give anyone any money, but plenty of money being circulated. And eventually once these Currencies were in place, bots could be created that pretty much did everything. People have already created bots that find the posts on Steemit that will be the most popular, and voting on them early so they can earn STEEM. Bots could be created to do all kinds of things with a Currency that was meant for rebuilding after Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods and Fires; or Space Travel; or Bringing Doctors to places that need them.


I am going to explain to everywhere where we are right now.

First, the Internet has only existed since the 70s (for use by Navy), and competed with Gopher Web. Cars are less than 150 years old, altogether, cars, as a thing that exists in the world, have only existed for 150 years. Machines and Engines just became popular the 100 years before that, and Slavery was ended in America less than 200 years ago; and America itself is less than 300 Years Old.

And now, we have Cars, we have Internet, we have Smart Phones, we have Wifi, we have Planes, we have Computers, we have CDs and MP3s, etc. All of this is new, it may not seem like it to a lot of people, but all of this stuff is new.

Then, we have Self Driving Cars, and Robots that are Self Aware.

The Cloud exists, and the Internet of Things is coming. And on top of all of that, Blockchain. This thing that no one expected, that doesn’t make sense yet, and everyone feels like they should probably invest in in some way.

In 100 Years, there will not be Social Media sites where you post for Free. In the Future every Website will have a Blockchain. And in the Future, instead of calling 311 or 211 when you need City Services, you will also have the option of connecting to Your City’s Blockchain, or doing work in exchange for your City’s currency. And you will earn money just for buying a Certain Brand of Phone and keeping it on, because when you can earn money by buying a phone and keeping it on, why would you buy any other Brand of phone after that unless they all started allowing you to earn money by keeping your phone on?

This is probably not the best example in terms of having people understand it and see how it will actually work without dismissing it, but think of Star Wars Credits. People don’t use money, they are just transferring Credits. And if you think that sounds weird, and fake, then what is a Credit Card? Where you money is turned into Digital information, and then used through a piece of Plastic with a Magnetic Strip on it.

And what is a Dollar? You can’t go to the bank and get Gold or Silver for it. It is only as valuable as the American Institution is.

Now, think about the Internet of Things, and Blockchains. What if there were Robots on the Blockchain, that could do things for you, like collect images from the Internet for you to go through, and as you went through them it thought of better images to bring back next time. And another bot that does the same thing with Songs, and Websites, and Twitter Feeds, and Blogs, and everything. Bots that just go out and get things for you, and let you put them on a Blockchain so you always can go back and look at them. And it could use those things to create Original Content that was owned by you. For example, a Bot could get a set of pictures and start editing them, and turn them into a bunch of new pictures, and it could then come to you and figure out which ones you like, or which ones you think are funny, etc.

And then those Bots, they could also be used to operate your Amazon Account, your Facebook, your Phone, your Refrigerator, your Oven, your Watch, and your Car.

That is the Internet of Things, done right.