Information About the Shaivite Temple

Temple Coin is a Scrypt Coin Clone, and is being shared on Facebook rather than with Bitcoiners. February 20th, 2018, we will launch a Bitshares Clone and OpenLedger type Exchange, and we will use ChainLink Middleware to make the exchange Agnostic, and to allow the Assets to move off of the exchange.

We are looking for people who want to make Coins for their Towns, States, Churches, Temples, Clubs, Government Organizations, Non-Profits, etc. These will mostly be Cryptonote Coins, meaning they will use the Cryptonight (Kryptonite, so no mining Machines taking over completely) algorithm for town coins. But we will also create other Coin Clones, such as Graphene Social Media Blockchains that operate like Steemit, and Connect your Coins to our Network to raise their value.


At the Shaivite Temple we are dedicated to sharing the blessings of Lord Shiva. We are currently working on a Breeding Program to create unseen Marijuana Flavor Strains with THCv (a rare Cannabinoid). We are achieving this using Top Shelf Medical Marijuana Flavor Genetics combined with African Strains such as Malawi, South African Kwazulu and Early Durban. We know we will achieve creating a flavor Strain like none other, as no one else is using African Genetics on purpose, and when they do they only use Durban Poison. For example, Cherry Pie is Durban Poison crossed with Grandaddy Purple, and Girl Scout Cookies is Durban Poison F1 crossed with OG Kush. But no one has taken that information and decided to use it in a Breeding program, utilizing the Genetic Diversity of African Strains; with the intent of creating high THCv strains. The seeds and clones for these seeds will be available through the Temple, and will be given away free in many cases (small amounts).


We will also be showing people how to create Lab Grade (Reagent Grade), Medical Grade and Terpene Enhanced Hash. We will never use the word “Concentrates”, but instead “Hashish”, “Hash” or “Charas” as the word “Concentrates” ignores the benefits and individual effects of Terpenes. Terpenes have their own Religious, Medical and Recreational uses. We will also be showing people how to make things like Bhang.


This site will be  dedicated to Teaching people the Teachings of Lord Shiva, as well as other Religions; and various other Historical Lessons. As well as Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Neuroscience. The Temple itself will create gatherings for exchange of Clones and Seeds by Temple members, as well as for Festivals, Holidays and Ceremonies. There will be videos made of everything so as to reach as many people as possible.


We will not be proselytizing and are not out to convert anyone, but we accept anyone who is interested in what we are doing for Lord Shiva.