Gods, Titles and Nations

Most people know about the EU and the UN which are modern Peace Keeping and economic bodies. Instead of Europeans, and even the World, conquering and plundering and colonizing for Wealth, they are all signing deals to get what they want from each other’s lands. But these Organizations are not the only ones, they are just the Newest ones, and the ones which are at least at their highest ideals are meant to protect all people and end the “Rule of the Jungle”, and implement “The Rule of Law” (Human Rights, etc).




I want to get a little into the Older Organizations. Specifically 2 of them. First, the Commonwealth of Nations. This is the Old British Empire, no longer under British Rule for the most part, it includes the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, the British Virgin Islands, etc, and they have something like the Olympics called the Commonwealth games, and the Queen is the head of the Commonwealth. And recently there have been revelations about something called “the Dutchie of Lancaster”, this is the Sovereign’s (Queen/King) own personal estate which they get their own personal spending money. There are Multiple Royal Families, or Royal Houses, in Britain. It is a little like Hogwarts. They are raised in their Houses, and to be representatives of their Families, and the British people choose their favorite Princes and Princesses, but only certain ones become King or Queen, and are Coronated over the Stone of Scone.

And there are Multiple Royal Families all over Europe, another example of a Kingdom is The Unity of the Realm, which is the Danish Kingdom. It includes Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. And the Danish Kingdom is a much smaller Kingdom, with only about 6 Million Citizens, but similarly to how the United Kingdom in Britain will Knight people to show that they are stewards of the Queen or the Kingdom in some way, the Danish Kingdom has The Order of the Elephant. And there are various orders, and all these Royal Family Members all have various Titles and Honors. Some of these families were part of the Holy Roman Empire (Crusades), etc.

Just kind of an example of someone that in in the Order of the Elephant and part of the family that used to be the main ruling family in the UK that is kind of interesting


“In old Time it was no disrespect for Men and Women to be call’d by their own Names: Adam, was never called Master Adam; we never read of Noah Esquire, Lot Knight and Baronet, nor the Right Honourable Abraham, Viscount Mesopotamia, Baron of Carran; no, no, they were plain Men, honest Country Grasiers, that took Care of their Families and their Flocks. Moses was a great Prophet, and Aaron a Priest of the Lord; but we never read of the Reverend Moses, nor the Right Reverend Father in God, Aaron, by Divine Providence, Lord Arch-Bishop of Israel: Thou never sawest Madam Rebecca in the Bible, my Lady Rachel, nor Mary, tho’ a Princess of the Blood after the Death of Joseph, call’d the Princess Dowager of Nazareth; no, plain Rebecca, Rachel, Mary, or the Widow Mary, or the like: It was no Incivility then to mention their naked Names as they were expressed.”

In America, Titles are Voted for. The concept of America is that you are not born with a Title, you are not given a Title by someone with a Title, your Title is Voted on by your Peers, and everyone is created equal.


The American Revolution was primarily about Religion. In the United States the Church of England Ruled, and the Sovereign is the Head of the Church of England. All Tithes went to England, and Tithing was Mandated by the British Government, and people were forced to be members of the Church of England, and were persecuted for not being members of the Church of England. The Witch Trials happened not long before the American Revolution. When the Revolution happened, much of the Popular support for the Revolution was actually against the Church of England and the oppressive Rules of the British Empire, imposing the Church if England on the people of the Colonies. That is why there first part of the First Amendment is about the Free Exercise of Religion, and then the limits of Congress in writing Laws regarding Religion, and the Separation of Church and State.

Thomas Jefferson expanded on this saying that “All laws regarding religious worship ought to be repealed” etc, just a big list of all the Religious Laws that ought to be repealed, and then the Amendment was later written, overturning any Laws that may not have been repealed.

Gods are the opposing force in the Universe (the actual Governing Force) to this Structure of Titles and Orders. The way Polybius and Machiavelli and Plato and everyone described it, was “The Multitude”. Polybius was very cynical towards the Multitude, and believed that it was the most evil, that a Government like America’s is pure chaos or even evil compared to a Government like Denmark or Saudi Arabia. But most other people believed that if there were a side to err on, it would be the side of the Multitude, and as Machiavelli put it over the side of the “Princes”. Plato described a system that did not yet exist (a Republic), and he believed in the Multitude. But Polybius says things like, for example, that the Greek Royals put the fear of the Gods and Hades in people to control them, and now they want to take it from them, and that they shouldn’t do that. But that is not what Religion is, Religion can be a form of Control, or it can be a form of Liberation. The Geneva Bible, brought to America by the Pilgrims, stated that if God and Government disagree, follow God. And throughout History, Gods have been the Kings who are greater than the Rulers, and who Govern the Rulers. The Religions can be used to Control the people, when the people don’t have access to books and knowledge, but when people have access to information about Gods, and when people can make their own decisions about Gods, even rejecting Gods (I believe people do that far too soon though, usually after experience with 1 God); this allows for equality. This is what happened when Martin Luther started Protestantism and fought against the Catholic Priesthood and the Holy See (Catholic Global Governing Body), this is what happened when Jesus brought God out of “The Jots and Tittles of the Law” and into your Heart, as something you could personally have a Relationship with. It has happened over and over throughout History.

The only way you can be Controlled and Limited by a God, is by not understanding them.


Chili Peppers like Jalapenos are not Native to any Continent outside of the Americas, yet some of the Hottest Chili Peppers in the World come from India and the surrounding Region. Tobacco is not Native anywhere outside the Americas, yet Camel is using Turkish and Asian tobacco to create their blends. Pepper is not Native to the United States, yet everyone has Salt and Pepper on their Food. Corn is not Native outside the Americas, but people eat it all over the World, and it makes most of the World’s Sugars now instead of Sugar Cane. All of this happened because Christopher Columbus thought he was going to India when he found the first Commercial Route to the Americas.

The Bahamas are called the West Indies, and are where Columbus first landed. The Era in South America and Central America before Columbus got there is called “The Pre-Columbian Era”. The Company that had Monopoly over most of this Trade was the East India Trade Company, which was centered in Amsterdam, which is why Amsterdam is known for their Coffee and Marijuana, yet neither of those things are from Europe. And because Britain later (during the time of the Trade Company) Ruled India, they Controlled the Trade in India. And it should also be mentioned that during this time the Slave Trade was happening, at first Legally through organizations such as the East India Trade Company, and later by Pirates. Brazil speaks Portuguese because of the Pact with the Catholic Church (Treaty of Tordesillas) gave those lands to Portugal, and other lands to the Spanish. During this time many many Religions were melded together. The most obvious and up front were the Conquistadors and others who were seeking “Gold, God and Glory”; but then there were the Natives, who already had their own Religions. And then their were Slaves, usually brought from Africa, who had their own Religions. And there are Multiple Religions that are practiced in Central, South America and the Caribbean that represent these Religious melds.