My Experience with Religion, Part 1 – Rev. Sasha Gallagher

I am going to explain my Experience with Religion, in order to help people better understand how I became an American Hindu at age 14, and started the Shaivite Temple and the first Religious American Marijuana Strains in a World of Modern Medical and Recreational Strains.



I was born and raised in and around Dallas TX, on January 20th 1992 to Tracy Lopez and Scott Gallagher. As of writing this I have only ever been north of Colorado to go to Canada once and Illinois a few times, where my Dad’s family lives in a small town called Antioch. The name of that town was actually suggested as a joke by the less Religious townspeople, but the more Religious ones went with it, and that is what it is called. I have lived in Dallas TX, Austin TX, Lafayette LA, Corona CA, Kino Bay Sonora MX (Mexico), Portales NM, Marathon Key FL, Goulds FL, Pueblo CO, Denver CO. And have visited other States and Countries.


I was mainly raised by my Mom. My Dad was focused on Paper and Ink, and Printing; at one point when I was a baby living in Mesquite, right next to the worst Neighborhood in Dallas, someone lived with us who used my Dad’s Print Shop to print Counterfeit money, because it is the same equipment they use at the Mint. But when I was young, my Mom would tell me “Come put your hand on the Ouija board, it needs more energy”. I would say that she is a Spiritualist; and we have had many many experiences with the Spirit World as a family, including the Death of my 12 year old brother Mason in 2013.


I was raised Christian, but we had Spell Books in our house, and were introduced to various Homeopathic Practitioners, and Acupuncturists, Mediums, Chiropractors, and things like NAET. And though I was raised in a Methodist Church, as soon as I went through Confirmation and was introduced to other Churches and Religions, I was no longer a Christian. I went through Confirmation, but I was not Truly Confirmed because I was not Christian. This is when I began to really seek out the answer to the question “Which Religion is right?” and my brothers were both beginning to become old enough to understand some things, so I began preforming tests. I wanted to know how much of Reality was founded on belief. So I would do things like tell my little brothers “If you believe that this wood is water, you can put your hand through it”, and I would test them (this will be continued in part 2, as it is the foundation of my understanding of Science in a Religious sense that allows me to break everything down so easily when explaining Chemistry, etc). During this same time we began to introduce friends in our Home Town to our Spiritual Beliefs, and we would use Ouija boards, and I have been with a group to hold a Seyonce at the Town Lake near the Movie Theater. Then when I turned 14 I Converted to Islam, and was interested in Wicca, and eventually tried Marijuana for the first time, and for most people they may try Marijuana and decide that they like to use Marijuana and say “I am so high right now”, which is actually a waste. What I discovered was that if I used Marijuana, and took that mental state and used it to read encyclopedias, and read Religious books, and read anything you could, that Marijuana provides you something. And I slowly realized that this was God, that I had found God. First I read the Bible at the age of 14, cover to cover, and I decided that the Bible was like a History book; with people having sex with their fathers to continue their families, and people killing their families to take power, and people killing other people to make sure their Gods don’t come back, and I found it to be lacking as a Religious Text.


I read the Quran, and was told about the Miracles in the Quran, and Muslim friends of mine in Highschool explained how their Family member had experienced the Power of God over Evil Spirits; and for a while, I even converted to Islam. For people who don’t know, Islam is a Religion of Symbols and Talismans which protect you from Evil and Magic, that is a big part of Islam. And Satan refuses to bow to Adam (humans) because he is made of Fire and Light, while we are made of Dust. But I eventually discovered the Rig Veda, and Converted to Hinduism.


Hinduism to me is the only real Religion. With Christianity, you may experience an Evil Spirit, and you pray to God, and close your eyes, and hold something tight, and the Evil may dissipate. But you did not see your God, you may be able to call on your God, you may be able to see Jesus, you may be able to feel your God, you may be able to see his Miracles and presence in the World. But you can not see your God. In Hinduism, the Gods are real. Shiva is present on Earth in the Physical form of Marijuana, in the Metaphysical form of Dancing, and in Yoga, and in Meditation. Shiva is present in all of these things. While Agni is Fire, the messenger, no different from the Wing Footed Mercury of the Greek Religion, Agni, Fire, is the messenger of the Gods. And when you burn something, it is like sending it as a Broadcast directly to God. This is why as Hindus we cremate our Dead, I personally carry my brother’s ashes in a Silver Container on a Chain around my neck. Surya is the Sun, the literally physical Sun in the Sky, the God which provides plants with the energy to create energy that is then used by all other lifeforms on Earth. Without the Sun, there would be no Calories and the world would wither away.


And if you read the Christian Bible, or the Quran, or most other texts, they are full of Evil, and a God that protects you from Evil, but at a price. In Hinduism, the book is about asking God for a Winning Horse, and a prosperity, Milk and Butter. About thanking the World and Circumstances. The Hindu Religious text is what Christians pretend their Religious text is when they are telling you not to listen to the guys with the megaphones talking about fire and Brimstone. In Hinduism, there is no Heaven and Hell, you are reincarnated. And there are Cycles to the Universe, similarly to how every year there is Winter (death) and Spring (rebirth). In Hinduism there are larger Cycles, and the Universe goes through these Cycles. It is called Dharma, or the Law of the Universe.


Gandhi explains God as this Law: