I have submitted a Petition to the Inter-American Human Rights Commission to get a Human Rights Case opened against the United States for “Witch Hunting”. US Law Enforcement Generally sees themselves as “Righteous” and “The Good Guys” and fighting against “Evil” in a Spiritual War. Then on top of that there is a “Drug War”, in which the Military has been licensed to get involved. So Religious Persecution by a Self-Righteous Law Enforcement Body, under Color of Law. Usually under Color of Drug Law. And I have provided evidence of various Religions which have been persecuted, those which use substances and those who do not. As well as various other Evidences, and my Court Cases and DEA Petition and everything.
So, there should be a Human Rights case on this subject coming soon, and it has been a long time coming. In some Cases, American Law Enforcement is no less the Christian Police than ISIS is the Muslim Police.
If anyone wants to help get Hindu Shaivite and West Indie Religious and Cultural Marijuana use recognized under International Human Rights (it has gotten to the point where people are scared to even convert to Religions they identify with), contact this email (the Inter American Human Rights Commission)
And tell them to Call the White House because it is urgent, and send them these numbers for the White House Situation Room
202-456-9451, 202-456-9453, or 202-456-9431
If you live outside of the United States, but in the Americas, and use Marijuana Religiously (Hindu Shaivites, Rastafarians, etc), contact me if you would like to be part of an International Human Rights Case. We need to show the Court that this is not just something that is happening in the United States.
If anyone wants to help get the DEA Exemption Process finished faster, Email this address (The DEA Pharmaceutical Registration Email)
And use the Subject “For Demetra Ashley: Shaivite Temple”
Then just tell them that you agree with what the Temple is doing, or are a Hindu Shaivite, and ask that they approve the request of the Shaivite Temple.
We are also suing the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Agency, and the County of Denver.
Would anyone like to write an Affidavit regarding their Religious Marijuana use, or other Substance? Or being arrested for Practicing your Religion, and especially if you were denied the ability to bring a Religious argument by you Lawyer. Or if you know anyone, or if you know someone’s case that is online in PDF form. Just all evidence of America arresting people for Religious substance use, in any way, either by Affidavit, or Court Record, etc.

I will update this page with links to a pdf of each exemption as they are received.