Cryptocurrency Stocks

This is going to be a lot of information all at once, but knowing it, you can make a good amount of money.

First, there are Altcoins, not just  Bitcoin. Bitshares is an Altcoin, and it was created by Dan and Ned and  the “Bitshares Team”. Bitshares is a Coin that when you buy it, it has a  website attached to it. And it’s Blockchain (Blockchain being all the  customer transactions made by you and others, as well as all the people  mining; and all that information of all that happening going onto a  Ledger or into a Book or Docket. That is the Blockchain, like how people  say that a company “Cooks the Books”, no one can Cook Bitcoin’s Books  because it’s just all on the Blockchain. So on Bitshares’ Blockchain  they have a Website called OpenLedger, which is a trading platform. On  that trading platform people can create a new Coin (Actually called a  Bitshares Asset or “User Issued Asset” UIA) which is a Coin you can  create by spending $11,000 in Bitshares on the OpenLedger website to  launch a new Asset/UIA. UIAs are different than coins because they are  not mined and the person who created them has complete control, and can  distribute it like stock, or like concert tickets, or as a  representation of some item they can redeem in the future; and people  can go and trade these UIAs on the Bitshares platform. There is  something called an ICO, Initial Coin Offering, in an ICO a UIA is  created and sold for super cheap (maybe 1 penny or 10 cents or 1 dollar  each) then it is bought back by the UIAs creator for 2x or 10x the  amount or more. This is a good way to make money in the Cryptocurrency  world right now, and you can do it by going to and  going to the UIA section and getting involved.

Then there is  Steemit. This will explain how Steemit really works for someone on the outside to  understand what is happening in the background, instead of just the day  to day stuff. Steemit is like Reddit, but for a Coin (not a UIA) called  STEEM. STEEM was created by the same people who created Bitshares (Dan  and Ned), if you Google right now “Dan Steemit”, then “Ned Steemit”,  then “DanTheMan Steemit”, and whatever other accounts they have right  now and you look at their Wallets, their Steemit accounts are each worth  Millions and Millions of Dollars, and they have already withdrawn  Millions and Millions of Dollars from those accounts. Now stay with me  because I am going to go on a tangent, so that I can tie all this  together. Most Coins (not UIAs) are PoW which means Proof of Work, and  means that you mine the coin in order to get it. Then there are PoS,  which is Proof of Stake, which is where you buy a coin and put it in  your wallet, and instead of being mined, it is minted like interest. It  looks like interest in your wallet, but really it is brand new coins.  STEEM and Steemit are DPoWS, or Delegated Proof of Work and Stake, the  Delegated part is because in Steemit you Vote. There are 2 forms of  Voting in Steemit, in Steemit you can (Voting Type 1) vote for Witnesses  (Which is like voting for Congress, I will explain it in more detail)  or and you can (Voting Type 2) vote on other people’s posts like on  Reddit, or similar to a Facebook Like, or Twitter Like, or Instagram  like, except that “Like”, that Vote, is worth money. You don’t give  someone your money, STEEM is minted and given to them because you voted  on them (that is Voting Type 2). Voting Type 1 is where you vote for  Witnesses. A Witness is a person who has a computer that can handle keep  a node open for everyone to connect to Steemit; and they also have to  check that it is working and check out a few things on the network a few  times a day, hence the name “Witness”. Steemit and OpenLedger are both  run the same way; Steemit is on the STEEM Blockchain, OpenLedger is on  the Bitshares Blockchain, and when you Vote for a Witness they have the  opportunity to hold open a Node for everyone, which holds up Steemit.  Then they mine STEEM, and only they can mine STEEM, no one else can mine  STEEM (Delegated Proof of Work). But as they mine 100% of the STEEM,  most of it goes to paying people for Voting Type 2. So they keep  everything working for everyone. And all the Witnesses and Dan and Ned  and everyone are on Then there is the Proof of Stake  part of STEEM. Once you get Votes on your Steemit post through Voting  Type 2, 50% is paid in STEEM Dollars which are liquid, and 50% is paid  in STEEM Power which is not liquid, but gains 90% interest the first  year. You can watch your interest grow by waiting 5 seconds and  refreshing. Another way to use this part is to buy STEEM and then put it  on your account, which allows you to gain interest and Vote higher on  other people’s posts, etc.  You just have to make sure if you do that  that you buy STEEM when it is low so you get the most STEEM for your  money.

And if anyone is wondering how to get from Cash into all  of this, just go to Coinbase; they are completely trustworthy and you  just hook up your Bank or Card and buy Bitcoins and you get them in the  next few days. You can also sell Bitcoins there and have it direct  deposited a few days later. Then go to a Website like Bittrex and sell  the Bitcoins for STEEM or Bitshares or whatever, then go to  or or wherever, and make some money.

Say someone here wanted to start a Stock for their Dispensary, or even  say all of Colorado wanted to start a Weed St. (like Wall St.) they  could go on the website, put in $11,000 in Bitshares  (BTS), and create their own Asset, that can be traded for other Assets  like Open.BTC (Bitcoin backed Asset), Open.STEEM (STEEM backed Asset),  etc. BTS is the main thing that is traded on OpenLedger.

But just  as an example, MMJ America is an Interstate Dispensary. Say they wanted  to create an Asset (kind of like a Token), and if you came into their  locations, and sent 1 of their Assets (Tokens) to their OpenLedger  Account, you could get 1 Joint, or 5 Assets (Tokens) for 1 Joint or  whatever, or 20 Assets (Tokens) for a Gram.

And since no one can  mine these Assets, and only they can distribute them, they can make them  as plentiful or as rare as they want, and they can give them out for  people posting about them on Social Media, or on Leafly, or for coming  in 10 times, or for whatever they want people to do. And what OpenLedger  does, is it allows people to sell those Assets; they don’t have to go  into MMJ America and use the MMJ America Asset the way MMJ America uses  it, they can sell it on the Open Exchange on OpenLedger. And eventually,  1 Asset (Token) could be $500 or anything. So they could make a lot of  money by taking in 1 Asset or 5 Assets for a Joint.

Then they  just put down another $11,000 at that point and create a new Asset and  let people trade those for Joints, and if that one becomes to expensive,  do it with another one.

And it’s not like coins, so they don’t  have to actually mine their token and accept it in order to get it, they  should accept it just to help it shoot up in value; but because it is  an Asset they can magically produce more, (say it were $500 per Asset)  so if they want to crash the market they can destroy the market, or if  they need money they can produce like 100 and sell them as they need  them.

And anyone can do this, and there are Assets being traded  right now on OpenLedger. All you have to do is get involved with someone  else’s, or create your own for $11,000.