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    We have the Forum, and this Chat will be active on January 20th

    It’s like how nerds make a Chat room for their video game guild, but ours is for money. So if you want to learn how to make money with Cryptocurrencies, join the chat.


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    is this a different forum ? is there 2 ?

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    That is going to be our live discussion. So that we can chat. Like Instant Messenger, or the apps guilds use, like Discord and things like that. We may also create a Discord Chat.

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    If anyone wants to create other Chats and stuff, post them here. If you post a Temple Coin thread on another Forum (like another Website), link that here too.

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    I will give random valued bounties for this.

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    good to hear thank you

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    Paolo Tiu

    Hi sir,

    If you are interested, we are a group of individuals that will pump your thread in bitcointalk to be maintained at the top everyday to be visible and seen by all.

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    If interested I can show you what we do and how it works.

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    3. Pumping of Threads

    If you are interested, please message me on telegram @cryptohives

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