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    Because of the Paris and Brussels attacks, I have been writing a Bank Robbing Movie Screenplay, where they are Robin Hood type characters, but they use bombs to either enter the bank or distract police. And because of the New York, New Jersey attacks I thought people might be interested in reading about the idea involved in the Screenplay.


    A Pyrotechnician, Explosives & a few boxes of ammunition with a bunch of empty or fake boxes to go with them, a few Bank scenes, a Jail pod, a Farm House, an Armored truck or 2 repainted a few times, Protest Equipment, a giant Print shop (they have the same Machines basically as Mints), a Camera crew to play the media & a news desk, and Extras with Protest/Police Equipment. Then like 10 central characters. As well as shots of like a Mint or the US Treasury from the outside, and offices for the people playing FBI agents.


    Black Panther/Yippie/Federalist ideology

    Bundy Ranch/Oath Keepers/Anti-Federalist ideology


    Attica style negotiations

    Phreaking (Phone Hacking)

    You can’t do things like ^this^ without discussion like vthisv

    Explosives to be used by Pyrotechnician:

    Certification needed:






    Dust Explosives-

    Lycopodium Powder

    Nondairy Creamer



    Nitrogen Triiodide (Iodine & Lye)

    Gun Powder (Sulfur, Activated Charcoal & Potassium Nitrate)

    Thermite (Aluminum & Iron Oxide)

    Acetone Peroxide (Hydrogen Peroxide, Acetone, Hydrochloric Acid & Ammonia)

    TNT (Sulfuric Acid, Sulfur Oxide & Nitric Acid)

    Silver Fulminate (Silver Nitrate, Nitric Acid & Ethanol)

    Napalm/Jellied Gasoline (Styrofoam & Gasoline)

    Isopropyl Nitrate/Jet Fuel (Isopropyl Alcohol, Sodium Nitrite & Sulfuric Acid)

    Tannerite (Ammonium Nitrate & Aluminum)

    Astrolite G (Ammonium Nitrate & Hydrazine, 2:1)

    Astrolite A (G +Aluminum)

    Armstrong’s Mixture (Phosphorus + Oxidizer or Boron Carbide)

    H3 (1/4 Charcoal, 3/4 Potassium Chlorate + extra 2% Dextrin)

    MTV (Magnesium, Teflon, Vitron)

    Thermate (Aluminum, Metal Oxide, Sulfur + sometimes Barium Nitrate)

    Whistle Mix (7/10 Potassium Perchlorate, 3/10 Sodium Benzoate + Organic Acid Salt)

    Sprengel Explosives (Oxidizer: Nitric Acid/Nitrates/Chlorates + Fuel: Nitrobenzene)

    Rackarock (Potassium Chlorate & Nitrobenzene)

    Cheddite (Inorganic Chlorates, Nitroaromatics & Paraffin or Castor Oil) or (90% Potassium Chlorate, 7% Paraffin, 3% Petroleum Jelly)

    Panclastite (Dinitrogen Tetroxide & Carbon Disulfide, 3:2 + Nitrobenzene)

    Aluminum, Hydrogen Peroxide & Guar Gum

    Tang & Peroxide

    Ammonium Nitrate & Icing

    Potassium Nitrate & Sugar




    RDX or Cyclonite

    Composition C (Mainly RDX, ex: C-4 or PE4)

    Composition B (Mainly RDX & TNT)

    Composition H6 (Similar to B & C)





    CL-20 or HNIN



    TNA or Trinitroaniline

    TNP or Picric Acid

    FOX-7 or DADNE

    EGDN or Nitroglycerol

    NG or Nitroglycerine

    MHN or Mannitol Hexanitrate

    ETN or Erythritol Tetranitrate

    EDNA or Ethylenedinitramine

    NQ or Nitroguanidine


    ONC or Octanitrocubane

    NC or Nitrocellulose

    UN or Urea Nitrate

    MEKP or Methly Ethyl Ketone Peroxide

    HMTD or Hexamethylene Triperoxide Diamine

    AN or Ammonium Nitrate


    Lead Azide

    Silver Azide

    Mercury Fulminate

    Tovex or Trenchrite

    ETN or Erythritol Tetranitrate

    EGDN or Nitroglycol

    MHN or Mannitol Hexanitrate

    Xylitol Pentanitrate

    BTTN or Butanetroil Trinitrate

    Diethylene Glycol Dinitrate

    Methyl Nitrate



    PGDN or Propylene Glycol Dinitrate


    TEGDN or Triethylene Glycol Dinitrate

    TMETN or Trimethyloethane Trinitrate

    Acetyl Nitrate

    Ammonium Dinitramide

    Ammonium Permanganate


    Chlorine Azide

    Diacetyl Peroxide


    Ethylene Glycol Dinitrate

    Flourine Perchlorate



    Hydrazoic Acid

    Methylammonium Nitrate



    Nitrogen Trichloride




    Urea Perchlorate






























    Ammonium Chloride

    Calcium Nitrate

    Chromium Oxide



    Potassium Chlorate


    Corn Cobb

    Rice Hulls

    Heat Pellets

    Heat Paper







    Terephthalic Acid



    Blasting Caps

    Low Energy Detonating Cord

    M200A1 fuses

    Delay Composition-

    Fuels: Silicon, Boron, Manganese, Tungsten, Antimony, Antimony Trisulfide, Zirconium, Zirconium Nickle, Zinc, Magnesium

    Oxidizers: Lead Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Barium Chromate, Lead Chromate, Tin Oxide, Bismuth Oxide, Barium Sulfate, Potassium Perchlorate

    Additives: Titanium Dioxide, Chalk, Sodium Bicarbonate


    Fuels: Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium, Zinc, Silicon, Boron

    Oxidizers: Bismuth Oxide, Boron Oxide, Silicon Oxide, Chromium Oxide, Magnesium Oxide, Iron Oxide, Copper Oxide, Lead Oxide


    Base: Strontium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Perchlorate, Cacium Phosphide, Ammonium Perchlorate, Red Phosphorus

    Fuel: Charcoal, Sulfur, Sawdust, Aluminum, Magnesium

    Flash Powder-

    Aluminum & Chlorate/Perchloate

    Aluminum, Nitrate, Sulfur

    Magnesium & Nitrate

    Magnesium & PTFE

    Antimony Trisulfide & Chlorate

    Pyrotechnic Initiators-


    BPN or BKNO3



    Titanium Boron



    Lead Azide


    Aluminum Potassium Perchlorate

    Titanium Aluminum Potassium Perchlorate

    Tetrazine Explosive

    Smoke Composition-

    Zinc, Chloride, Hexachloroethane, Grained Aluminum, Zinc Oxide

    White Phosphorus

    Dye, Oxidizer, Lactose & Sodium Bicarbonate

    Rocket Fuels-

    RP-1 (LOX & Kerosene)

    LOX & Liquid Hydrogen

    Nitrogen Tetroxide & Hydrazine, MMH or UDMH



    Gasoline/Jet fuel/Rocket fuel & Oxidizer



    LOX & Ethanol

    LOX & Methanol

    Hydrogen Peroxides & Ethanol

    RFNA & Kerosene


    Dinitrogen Teroxide & UDMH/MMH and/or Hydrazine

    Hydrogen Peroxide

    Fuel Air Explosives-

    Hydrocarbon Oxides



    Ethylene Oxide

    Propylene Oxide

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    [Anchor at a News Desk] Anchor: Protesters have gathered around the (city) Police Department to protest the death of (name), an unarmed 18 year old who was gunned down by Police last night. [Dark video shot on a cell phone in a poor neighborhood comes onto the screen] What you are seeing on your screen now is cell phone video of last night’s shooting.

    Person Holding camera: These Cops out here harassing us. Look. [A police car is slowly, with its lights on, following a man on a bike who is riding down the street]. Yells HE DIDN’T DO NOTHIN! [The police stop their car and get out]

    Police: Get off the bike! [as he pulls his gun] Get off the bike!

    Person on bike: [Stops and looks back at Police] I’m just going home.

    Police: Get off the bike, why are you in the road?

    Person on bike: Ain’t no law against riding my bike in the road.

    Police: Get off the bike!

    Person on bike: [Throwing down his bike, then reaching to pull up his pants] This is some bull-

    [Police fire 10 shots]

    Person holding camera: Holy shit, they just shot him. Holy shit. STOP SHOOTING HIM!… Oh my God. I think he’s dead. WHY YA’LL DOING THIS TO US? HE WAS JUST RIDING HIS BIKE!

    [Back to Anchor at news desk] Anchor: Police claim that he was reaching for his waistband, Officers (name & name) have been put on administrative leave, and an investigation has been opened, but no indictment is expected.

    [Screen splits to show a reporter standing outside the Police station with protesters] Anchor: The protests started this morning just before noon and have been growing for the past 6 hours. There are now about 500 people gathered around the Police station, our (name) is there covering the protest, we’ll take you there now.

    [Screen goes to the reporter] Reporter: We’re here at the (city) Police station where people have been gathering since this morning, and things are heating up. [Camera pans around crowd] as you can see there are people carrying signs with (shooting victims) name, and various slogans.

    [Crowd Chanting] Hey ho, hey ho. These killer cops have got to go.

    [Screen goes back to reporter] Reporter: As you can see things are still peaceful, but there are a few protesters who seem to be getting ready for it to escalate after nightfall [Camera pans to a few people throughout the crowd with bandanas on their faces or gas masks on their heads, then goes back to the reporter]. We’ll keep you updated throughout the rest of the evening.

    [Shot is no longer a news camera, and follows a guy in a gas mask who walks up to a group of about 8 people wearing gas masks and bandanas] Person the camera is on (1st group member) : The media is here.

    [Shot switches to a second person in the group] 2nd group member: Let’s start getting everyone together.

    3rd group member: We need the Police to come out.

    2nd group member: Don’t worry, they’ll come out.

    1st group member: How many people have masks?

    2nd group member: Nearly 100, do you have the rope?

    1st group member: Yeah [Takes off backpack and pulls out a large length of rope]. How many more people are supposed to show up?

    2nd group member: Maybe another 500. Around 6, it’s 5:15 right now. We’ve got less than an hour. Make sure we are going to have everything.

    [Camera switches to a few Police officers standing outside the Police Station, their boss walks up to them] Higher ranking officer: We are about to start. [They nod]

    One of the officers (Officer 1) : They haven’t done anything.

    Higher ranking officers: We can’t have everyone standing here, something bad could happen. [Walks back inside as some officers in riot gear start to come out]

    [Officer 1 looks out at the crowd]

    [Camera switches back to the reporter] Reporter: A few Police officers have started coming out in riot gear, it seems like they want to show a presence in this protest and try to get people to start leaving. [Camera pans to the officers who are lining up in front of the Police Station, some of the protesters move further back in the crowd, some of the protesters move towards the police].

    [Camera switches back to the bandana/gas mask group, some of the members are missing] 2nd group member: It’s starting. [Pulls out phone and sends a text] Everyone is coming right now.

    1st group member: Should we signal everyone?

    2nd group member: Not yet, let’s get closer to the Police.

    1st group member: They are going to be so confused.

    [Camera switches back to reporter] Reporter: It seems as if a large portion of the protesters are moving forward towards the officers. [About 50 Police are lined up with more standing behind them]. The crowd seems to be growing, maybe another 100-200 people have shown up in just the past 20 minutes, and most of them seem to be prepared for this to escalate.

    [Police begin banging on their shields with batons]

    2nd group member: Yells HAKAAAA!!

    1st and 3rd group members: Yells HAKAAAA!!

    Other group members: Yells HAKAAAA!!

    [150+ people in the crowd start pounding their feet on the ground, then begin an organized Haka Dance, other people in the crowd get excited and start making random noises and yelling. A few people with gas masks on their heads make their way to the front of the crowd with bags of flour, they put it in their mouths and blow it towards the officers, but not at them, and light it on fire as it comes out of their mouths]

    [The officers are all stepping back, and talking nervously to each other, the camera goes to the reporter] Reporter: This is crazy, the protesters are doing some kind of tribal dance and the Police seem to be confused. [The dance ends and the crowd cheers and yells] The Police seem to be preparing for something. [Gas canisters are launched into the crowd] The Police are launching tear gas towards the crowd and the media coughing, it seems like some people here were prepared for this and are putting on their gas masks. [Camera pans to crowd, protesters throw the gas canisters back at the police] The protesters are throwing the gas back at the Police. And it looks like there are people with ropes creating a barrier around the crowd [Camera pans to rope being held].

    [Camera switches to Police, who are attempting to move forward but the crowd won’t budge, eventually the crowd pushes back on the Police and the Police begin to fall over and have to be helped up, so they start moving back towards the doors of the Police station]

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