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    Many people have never heard of the concept of Neurospirituality, but they have probably heard something related to it. You have probably heard that certain parts of your Brain Light up when you talk about or listen to something about God, and it is different than the parts that light up when you are just normally talking or listening. Some people take this and say “See, when someone experiences God, it is just Chemical Reactions in their brain”. But, for example, when someone with Alzheimer’s becomes completely Lucid, and remembers everything about their entire lives, and are able to talk to family members for a brief period. That is also all just Chemical Reactions in the Brain, right? But just because it is Chemical Reactions in the Brain doesn’t mean it isn’t much much more than that. Take the Concept of Love for example, Scientists have discovered that when someone experiences what we call “Love”, the 2 main Chemicals associated with this feeling are Theobromine and Oxytocin. But you can’t force yourself to love someone simply by ingesting or injecting Theobromine and Oxyticin. And when they hook someone up to an EEG or ECG Brain scanner, they can see Brain activity based on the Molecules. But what is making the Molecules be released? Are the Molecules being released because of the Brain Activity? Or is the Brain Activity a result of the Molecules? When you Love someone, it may have a Chemical Reaction behind it, but it does not mean that it isn’t something real and more meaningful than a Chemical reaction.

    Many people believe that once you have all your Brain Cells, that’s it, and from there on all you can do is lose them. But that is actually not true. The recent discovery of Neurogenesis shows us that new Brain Cells (Neurons) can be formed in the Human brain, and the discovery of Synaptogenesis shows that new pathways can be created between those Neurons. The difference between these things is that Neurons are the actual Brain Cell, while Synapses are the electrochemical signals of the Neuron. When you hear a song and it reminds you of what you were doing the first time you heard that song, this is called Cognition. Cogs are the gears in a machine, so Cognition can be pictured as gears in a machine, where one gear is attached to something that makes it spin, but the other gears spin because the first gear is spinning them, and that can cause a whole cluster of gears to spin. That is Cognition in your brain also, the first spark causes a series of other sparks, and as in the example you hear a song and remember what you were doing the first time you heard it. This happens along a pathway of Neurons via their Synaptic signaling, the Synapses create the pathways, so with Neurogenesis you have more Neurons and with Synaptogenesis you can create new pathways.

    In your brain you have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS), and it has shown to play an important role in different Neural functions. These papers explain some of the things the ECS plays a role in, including Neurogensis

    This paper includes a full explanation of what Neurogenesis is

    It has also been shown that the Endocannabinoid called 2-AG has been proven to be able to protect the brain from brain damage in the case of a Traumatic Brain Injury and can stop brain swelling.

    This study was done in 2001 and shows that it protects the brain from brain damage

    This study was done in 2003 and shows that it can reverse brain swelling (Edema) which happens to people in a Coma and is a major cause of death in a Coma, or after a Stroke.

    This study also shows that is can reverse brain swelling

    There is even a Patent for 2-AG that says what it does

    And somehow this information has not made it in to a single Hospital. Even in Colorado where Cannabinoid research is easier and more people have access to it, the Hospitals have no idea what to use it for, and do not have any form of it available. Cannabis in Colorado is all done through Dispensaries and Doctors who specifically have an office for Marijuana patients and not one that has all this research available and materials ready, but usually just an Office where they give Marijuana prescriptions and do check ups if the person wants to come in and see how Marijuana has helped half way through their first year of Prescription. These Doctors aren’t specifically affiliated with the Dispensaries, but they are not in Hospitals either. And none of this kind of information is getting in to the Hospitals. And it is the same all over the country in Medical states, they know that it is good for Chronic Pain, Seizures, Glaucoma, and in place of Opioids. But there aren’t Doctors in Hospitals that have patients with Brain Swelling that just say “Let’s put some 2-AG in an IV” and there is no 2-AG in the Hospitals when someone has, for example, Traumatic Bain Injury.

    These research papers explain how Cannabinoids act as a Neuroprotectant

    Synaptogenesis is connected to Neurogenesis in Cognition, but they are 2 completely different things. Synaptogenesis has to do with Dendrites. Dendrites are arms that extend from your Neurons and allow the electrochemically signaling between cells. Synaptogenesis is achieved using Ampakines.

    This Paper explains how Ampakines create new pathways within hours, and how Ampakines could eventually replace MAOIs and SSRIs.

    This is also not well known in Hospitals. In Hospitals the Ampakine called Ketamine is used almost like an Opioid alternative. But Ampakines can be used to help create new pathways between Neurons.

    Examples of Ampakines include: CX-614, Aniracetam and MXP

    I have been doing some research on ways to make Brains work better and cure Traumatic Brain Injury, and I found some interesting things that I thought I would share with everyone.

    First is a life extension molecule that has not yet been proven to make you live longer (no one has taken it long enough since it was found to say if it works or not) but it has been proven to improve your health at the DNA level. The molecule is called Cycloastagenol and it is extracted from the Astragalus plant. I have looked into it and it seems like it may need a primer (possibly one that causes Chemically Induced Dimerization) so I started looking for Primers and found Tacrolimus, which seems promising. No one has ever tested the combination in recorded history, so it would have to be tested. But Cycloastragenol alone is known to increase health markers in your DNA.

    Then there is Carnosine which has also been tested as a life extension molecule and is known to be present in the brain, and having more of it is good for your brain. Mixed with Vitamin E it has been shown to be more effective for life extension in some models, but Carnosine alone is good for your brain.

    Then I started doing more specific research. Many people do not know this but Einstein’s brain has actually been preserved and even distributed for research, and what they found in his brain is that he had more Glial Cells. Before Einstein’s brain was studied Glial Cells were thought to be nothing more than Glue that holds your Neurons (Brain Cells) together. But since then it has been discovered that Glial Cells actually play a role in your brain activity. There are 2 main kinds of Glial Cells that play a role. The first is Oligodendrocytes and more can be formed through the process of Remyelination, which allows the brain to function better. This can be accomplished with an Over the Counter Anti-Histamine called Clemastine. The second Glial Cell is Astrocytes, which can be increased by blocking Adenosine Receptors. This can be done using Molecules like Regadenoson.

    And lastly, more traditional Brain health studies are linked to Dendrites, which allow your Neurons (Brain Cells) to communicate. Dendrites can be grown using Ampakines, and example of which is Aniracitam, another, stronger example, is CX-614.

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