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    An example of a Mystery School that most people have heard of are Qabbalah, or Freemasonry, etc. These are known as “Western Esoteric Mystery Schools”. More examples of Mystery Schools are “The Society of the Horseman’s word” which started in Scotland and is the group that first spread Clydesdale horses. In a time when most people could not read, they learned using symbols and metaphors, and passed down knowledge through Mnemonic symbols, ritual, and literature. Another example of why people would have hidden knowledge this way is when the Roman Emperor Constantine saw the Cross in a dream and converted the Roman Empire to Christianity, not everyone converted that day. They may have converted officially, but they continued to practice their old Mnemonic traditions and incorporated it into the new traditions. Such as Stone Mason mystery schools being involved in the building of the various Cathedrals in Europe.

    The most common Mystery School in the world today is a Fire Temple. A Zoroastrian Fire Temple is dedicated to Mithra, while a Hindu Fire Temple is dedicated to Agni. Some Hindu Fire Temples are dedicated to Kali and they are used for Cremation Ceremonies and Rituals.

    Mithra (in Zoroastrianism) was considered the 3rd path (as opposed to the Good and Evil paths, Judaism later adopted the good and evil story and angels from the Zoroastrians) or the Grey path and the path of Illumination. They are usually Mystery schools.

    The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was a UK organization that inspired the creators of American traditions such as Wicca or Thelma. The three founders, William Robert Woodman, William Wynn Westcott, and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, were all Freemasons and Rosicrucians.

    The Golden Dawn, by Israel Regardie is still used by people all over the world to learn about Mystery Traditions.

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    The Temple Coin Syllabus

    ॐ Temple Coin Syllabus ॐ

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    Here is the Freemason Structure, with the Shriners and the York Rite. And Both of them also operate Children’s Hospitals.

    This is the Order of the Eastern Star, basically the Female Wing of Masonry

    Shriner’s Parade

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    I want to explain a normal Town Project, where the Town does not offer you housing, does not offer you Full Unemployment, or anything like that, and it is considered an Example Project by all other budding Towns. Mckinney Texas. That is my home town, and when I was brought there at 2 years old, we lived next to a park called Norah Haney Park, and Norah Haney was a lady who had sold all the land she inherited, to the town, so that they could have it developed and bring in subdivisions instead of farms. And in just over 20 years, it has become a good sized city, and there are hardly any empty fields left, and nothing but houses and houses everywhere, barely even retail. But they are bringing in more retail now just because there are so many people. In Mckinney, the currently Politics involves Republicans that want Apartment Complexes for the retail around them and people/money they bring, and some people don’t want them because they want to keep being able to sell their houses for high prices in the new market since the recession started ending in the past few years (not as many Foreclosed houses, so all prices went up).

    That is Politics in Mckinney. Which is now an important City in Texas, as the Seat of the most Wealthy County in the State. But they didn’t start as much.

    People think it is hard to get a town on the map, but all it takes is a Highway and some money (Coin)

    And Dallas Texas itself. There is a Graveyard in Dallas where all the Gravestones are from the 1800s, and that Graveyard has Freemason Gravestones, and Confederate Gravestones. And one of the Gravestones states that in the Grave contains the Grand Master Mason of the Republic of Texas. Another States that the Grave contains the man who opened the first Store in Dallas.

    And down the Street from that Graveyard, are a Freemason Lodge and a Scottish Rite Cathedral.

    Freemason Lodge in Dallas

    Scottish Rite Cathedral in Dallas

    And we are basically starting a town the same way, just with a different kind of Temple and different people, and with Cryptocurrency

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