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    You may have looked at other pages on this website, and feel completely lost.

    Even the easiest one, the Cryptonote guide, may seem completely confusing. So this page is for anyone, even someone who has never used any kind of Cryptocurrency in their lives, to create a Cryptocurrency.

    First, if you want to see how I personally, recently, figured out how all of this works, go here:

    You will not have to go through all that, because I figured it all out for you.

    So, it took me a long time to figure this out, but the best place to start is here, with the Forknote Generator. Forknote is a Cryptonote that is dedicated to helping people make Coins, but not so dedicated that they will write out a guide like this.

    That is what you will use, but first you will need to get Ubuntu. That sounds huge, but it is not that hard. If you read that guide I went through everything, and even accidentally destroyed my hard drive, then just installed Ubuntu as the regular Operating System. And now I know how to do it right and create Swap Space (that is where I messed up at first), and everything. Which I am now going to describe to you.

    First, follow this guide to get Ubuntu:

    For now, you will get Version 16, but you can choose an older version later if you want to get deeper into Coins. This will just get you to where you are able to create your own Forknote.

    It is not hard. You just get a CD, download it onto the CD, then Restart your computer by clicking ctrl + click restart and choose to boot the computer by disk. If that doesn’t work, turn the computer off and try turning it on and clicking F8 and F12 over and over, then go to boot options. That guide explains everything, it is not hard, and I did not know how to do it at first.

    Read this guide also for more info about everything you will need and need to do:

    Cryptonote Coin Creation Guide (The Easiest Way to Create Your Own Currency)

    Once you are in Ubuntu reading this in Ubuntu Version 16, you will need to get a server. So go to Google and search “Digital Ocean Coupon” and rent at least 2x $5 droplets from Digital Ocean.

    If you are confused, here is more information:

    Once you have done all of that, go to the Forknote Create page:

    Fill that out, and in the Node part, put your Servers.

    Now, go here, this is the key to the Forknote Create Page:

    Just do that, and you have a Forknote, which is a Bytecoin Fork. A “Fork” means that you have basically recreated the exact same Coin, and everyone that has any Bytecoins also has your Coin in an equal amount. But to get more of your Coin, they will have to Mine more of it.

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