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    We will let everyone know if we start using this, we are not currently using it and do not plan on using it currently. We are creating a Mining Pool, and I stumbled into this while looking for an Integrated Website Mining Pool.

    What CoinHive is is something that allows you to Monetize your Website, not through Advertising, but by using your visitors computer power that is being used to load your website, to mine for Monero in the background. So the more visitors you have, the more people there are mining Monero for you.

    We are not using this, but I do think that this is a good idea for the World to have in existence.

    And just so you know for a fact we aren’t using it, click this link to see how it works. This is a link that takes you to the home page of our Forum, but first you have to mine Monero for us. So if you click this link, it is actually kind of like a Donation to the Temple.

    This is one that doesn’t take super long

    This is one that takes a lot longer, and then when it is done, it actually takes you to the shorter one.

    This one does that like 15x with long ones, then ends on the short one. I just kept putting the new links through the shortlink generator. So one day, when you are about to go to bed or something, come to this webpage, and click this link for us 🙂

    You could even open it in like 5 tabs.

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