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    There are a few things that should be brought up that have not been brought up yet. The “Marijuana Industry”, as it is known, has made it a long way since the 90s in America, and since the 50s and 60s (and even earlier really) Internationally. Amsterdam is known for Coffee, Marijuana and Waterways, because it was a center of Trade; bringing Indian and South African Cannabis strains to Europe, as well as various others.

    But Cannabis is not Standardized. This is something that a has been a topic of discussion of some Circles in the Marijuana Industry, but I want to expand it. The current discussion is about Strains, and how Strain Names as a means of determining Cannabinoid Content is on the way out.

    Here is what I am adding to the Discussion. When you see that a Strain is 25% or 26% or 30% THC, that does not mean by weight. People think that it means by weight, but if your buds were 25% THC they would look like the Earth throughout the whole plant. That 25% indicator is about Cannabinoid Content, and usually Cannabinoid + Terpene Content. So when it says “25% THC”, that means “25 percent of the total Cannabinoids and Terpenes were made up of THC”. So a plant with 25% THC and 20% THC don’t necessarily have different THC content. 25% does not tell you 200mg per gram or 100mg per square inch or anything like that. The closest you get to actually knowing the Content with these testing methods is with Shatter Hash.

    And further, the product called “Moon Rocks” that used to be Caviar, and has other names also. This is Buds which have been dipped in Solvent Hash, and then Rolled in Bubble Hash before the Solvent Hash evaporates. There is no standardization for this. But in the 70s, they were using Research from the 40s, to create pure Delta-9-THC; and then they were using Wire Hangers to move it, and then heating up the hanger to drip it on to ashes in a bowl to smoke it. In the 70s. Then they decided that another way to smoke it was to put it on Buds. So they created a system, and the way they “Standardized” it, was by adding the extract back to a set number of Grams. So say you say 100 Grams of Buds, make an extraction, and turn it into pure Delta-9-THC, then put that on 10 Grams of Bud (using a Solvent and a Glass Dropper); they called that “10-on-1”. 200 Grams on 10 Grams is 20-on-1, 300 on 10 is 30-on-1, etc.

    Here is how Pure Delta-9-THC is made, after this harvest I will make a video

    First you make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), then when it is dried out you add alcohol in a manageable amount. Pure Alcohol is best, but Cannabinoids won’t go in Water, so water works too; but you need to pull out the Cannabinoids and have the other side magnetically hold the Resins.

    Then you put the Alcohol and RSO into a Separatory Funnel, and add a small amount of Naphtha. The 2 liquids will separate instantly, and if you don’t add too much Naphtha, it will only grab the Cannabinoids. Release the valve on the Separatory Funnel, and collect the Naphtha.

    Add the Alcohol back in, and add another small amount of Naptha, and repeat until you are getting resins, then stop.

    Now add the Naptha Separated RSO mixture back into a Reflux and Condeser, and add Sulfuric Acid, and let it run for about 3 hours.

    Use the Sepatory funnel again, but this time just add water to the Naphtha RSO mixture, and then add baking soda. Then remove the water, and it will contain the baking soda and the extra sulfuric acid in salt form.

    Release the valve and collect the Naphtha layer.

    Vacuum Purge.

    And you have pure Delta-9-THC, with no CBD or anything else.

    I will make videos soon, I just harvested and I have all the equipment.

    You can also Winterize, which basically means to Freeze it while it is in the Separatory Funnel. This will create a more dramatic separation. You can also boil the buds before even extracting anything, and that will remove some of the Resins before they even go through the whole process, which will make the process easier. This also Decarboxylizes the THC, which makes it edible. So if people boiled the buds they used for Rick Simpson Oil, they would actually be better for use by Cancer Patients.

    The way it works is because, as everyone knows, THC is Tetrahydrocannabidiol. CBD is Cannabidiol. So you add Tetra-Hydrogens, (4 Hydrogens) to CBD, and it becomes THC.

    Meaning that you can also use this method in States like Texas, Louisiana or New Jersey, to turn the legal Medical CBD Hash into pure THC.

    Distillation is how Cannabinoids have been isolated since the 1940s. Delata-9-THC can be created simply via Isomerization, but if you want to Isolate another Cannabinoid, the best way is through Distillation.

    Distillates are made simply by heating up an extract, such as the extract made by the process explained in that link; but without the Sulfuric Acid step. And you find the Boiling Point of the Cannabinoid that you want, so that you can separate it from the others. This is called “Fractal Distillation”, and the best way to do it is through Short Path Distillation.

    The most common Distillate is THCa, but some Chemists have been creating other Isolates. Kava contains Yangonin, which is an Unscheduled Cannabinoid, and no one is Isolating it. But an example of a Chemist who recently (the other day) Isolated some Kava Alkaloids, is Robert.August on Instagram.

    All serious dispensaries (there are dispensaries now) should have a Chemist like him.

    Caryophyllene is another molecule that hits a Cannabinoid receptor, but only CB2, so it can be used to boost your immune system and cause munchies, but does not have Psychoactive Effects. It has been approved by the FDA as a food additive, and can be obtained from a plant called Uziza from Nigeria, which is closely related to Pepper (as is Kava). The Seeds (the Pepper Corns) are sold online, and mainly the leaves are sold online, but the plant is not widespread and can only really be found in Nigeria.

    Some people might know about Silicate, but there are certain forms that are better for Plants to absorb. When I was like 14 someone came to my parents house once looking for investors for a Silicate product that allowed Banana trees to absorb more Silicate, and they were larger, held more Bananas, and were harder to tear down.

    I went looking for something like that, and found this

    I have been doing some Research on things that can be used to get the best Buds, and first I found Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy, then I found out that when people used to say “Molasses can be used as a Nutrient”, it’s not just something to use when you don’t have Nutrients, but it ads Carbs and is basically the same as Bud Candy. You can also add Sucant and Mannitol. I am adding Molasses to my grow today.

    So from there I was talking to someone about Bugs, since I have Ladybugs in my grow, and I did some Research on Black Soldier Flies, and found out about Frass. Frass contains tons of Nutrients, as well as Chitin which causes the plant to think it is getting attacked by bugs, which causes it to basically get stronger, then it also breaks down the Chitin and uses it. And Chitin is what gives Bugs and Crabs their shells, so it makes the plant stronger.

    Then I found that Kelp is used in a formula called “Bud Hardener”, but the website that sells that is not a secure website, so I did some research on Kelp and found that it is a good Fertilizer, especially for Bloom.

    I did more research and there is a Chemical called Cytokinin, and apparently it is in a Canadian variety of Kelp called Ascophyllum Nodosum, which contains higher amounts if harvested at the right time. And from what I am reading it seems like it is saying that it causes plants to Bloom even inside Petri Dishes, like you could cut a bud from a plant, put it in a Petri dish with Agar, put some Cytokinin on it, and it would Bloom.

    Ok, so Auxins and Cytokinins are the 2 Types of Plant Regulators we are looking for for Marijuana Growing, this is not for Organic Growers, but there could be Organic Sources for all of this stuff, as they are Plant Hormones and should be easily found in Plants.

    I will try to do this for this grow, but I might wait until after this grow, because I don’t want to spray things on the buds when they have Trichombs forming and everything. So this may wait until next grow Cycle (at the end of this grow).

    But I found an Auxin and a Cytokinin that can be bought online, not from a lab overseas on Alibaba or something, but just through a shopping cart online. I am not saying these are the best Auxins and Cytokinins, I am just saying that they are available. Once more people start using these maybe we can find out which ones actually work best with Marijuana.

    Ok, so:

    Indole-3-Acetic Acid, the most studied Auxin in the world

    6-Benzylaminopurine, a well studied Cytokinin

    Here are some Amino Acids that Marijuana can use-

    L-Glycine: Amplifies Photosynthesis and plant tissue growth

    L-Arginine: Enhance Flower Growth

    L-Aspartic Acid: Building Block for Amino Acid and can become any needed Amino Acid for the Plant

    Brassinosteroids, the “6th class of plant Hormon”

    Here are some things to look up:
    Norman Borlaug
    Craig Venter
    Digital Biological Converter
    Biological Teleportation
    Gene Gun
    Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
    S.M.A.R.T. Breeding

    An example of how simple it can be is that Yeast DNA can be altered simply by exposing the Yeast to UV Light.

    Also, if you like cut a hole with a razorblade in the trunk of a plant, and the kill a bunch of glow bugs and rub their juice in the wound. Then like water the plant with 50/50 glow bug juice and water. Then stick electric diodes into the wet soil, and connect some to the plant at an in and out point at a distance in the plant, then hook up a car battery; it is possible to get the glow bug DNA into the plant. And who knows what would happen, but it could glow. You could also add genetics from a plant that glows. It might actually be better to do it to a group of freshly germinated seedlings before transplant or something

    Glowing isn’t a guarantee, but it could get the Genetics in there.



    And you can use Royal Jelly as a Nutrient, and it supposedly makes more of the seeds female.

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    If you don’t know much about Hash, this post will be a good starting point to pretty much learn everything about Hash (The first main part will be common hashes, the second main part will be Terpene Enhanced Hashes). First, I will point out that I do not use the word “Concentrates”, just like “Cannabis” is an English Word, and “Marijuana” is a Spanish word, and they both mean the same thing. The same is basically true of the English word “Concentrates”, the Arabic word “Hashish” and the Sanskrit word “Charas”. Now, here are a list of Hashes/Charas, that are common:


    Bubble Hash (Can be made in different grades)

    Rosin (Can be made with a hair straightener)

    BHO (Butane Honey/Hash Oil, made with Butane blasted through a tube full of Marijuana. There is also a safer produced form of BHO made with CO2)

    Solvent Hash or RSO (RSO is Rick Simpson Oil, made with Naphtha and a Rice Cooker; Solvent Hash generally can be made with various solvents, such as Acetone, Alcohol, Hexene, etc. and can be left to dry or dried out another way. The basic concept is like making tea, and then getting rid of the liquid.)

    Polarized Solvent Hash (PSH, is when you take 2 Solvents with different Polarity. For example, most things dissolve in Water, while Marijuana does not. This is why it is hard for Marijuana to be used in Hospitals, as it can not be injected, and will not diffuse in the bloodstream. It will dissolve in Milk, or Butter, or Oil. And Oil and Water do not Mix, they have opposing Polarity. So you get 2 Solvents with opposing polarity, and remove the THC from the Resins. A separatory funnel can be used to make the last part easier)

    Scissor Hash or Hand Hash (Made with the material that collects on Scissors or your Hands when harvesting buds; to make it with your hands just get them covered and then rub your hands together and form it into a ball)

    Butter (Not Hash, but an Extraction; Put Marijuana in Butter or Oil and heat it up, but not hot enough to Vaporize the THC; then use a Coffee filter or something to separate the solids, and put the butter or Oil in the fridge. You can also do this with Milk)

    Distillate (Distillate is made with a Still, the same way as getting Alcohol from water; This is how “Reagent Grade” plant extracts are made)

    Reflux (A more difficult, form of Solvent extract that allows you to use less solvent; as well as do things like Isomerization at the end. Isomerization could probably also be done with Distillate)


    The first and best example of Terpene Enhanced Hash is LHO. Similar to BHO, but instead of Butane Hash/Honey Oil, it is Limonene Hash/Honey Oil. The Limonene does not completely evaporate like the Butane (mostly) does, it stays in the Hash. And it is not a Contaminate, but a benefit. It makes the hash better, and has won a Cannabis Cup. You still Vacuum Purge it like Butane Hash to get all the Contaminates out, but the Limonene stays.

    Live Resin. Live Resin is BHO made from fresh buds instead of Cured buds, so they have all their Fresh Terpenes, not evaporated by the Curing process (Curing basically = letting it dry out right). And the buds are kept in a Freezer until they are used. This creates Hash with more Terpenes in it than normal.

    Sauce or Terpene Juice. This is almost the same as LHO, but instead of making the extraction with the Terpene, you just add the Terpene to the Hash afterwards, and it is done with many Terpenes, not just Limonene. The thing that makes Sativa different from Indica is the Terpenes, they both contain THC as their main active ingredient, but the Terpenes add the other effects.

    Lastly, no one is really doing this at all as far as I know, but I have made BHO before with added Lemongrass. So I added Lemongrass with Marijuana to the Tube, then blasted the BHO through. Theoretically, this means that the BHO contained not only THC, but also Myrcene and Limonene (which are also in Marijuana). And the Hash was stronger, and acted faster, than normal Hash according to multiple people. There has been research on the effects of Myrcene and Limonene on THC, but no one is really taking other plants and mixing them. Other examples of plants with the same Terpenes as Marijuana include Pine (Pinol), Rosemary (Pinol), Lavender (Linalol), Uziza (Caryophyllene, which actually acts on the CB2 receptor and causes munchies, and is the actual molecule that Police dogs use to Identify Marijuana). So you could add these plants to a BHO tube, or an LHO extraction, or a Butter extraction, and your Hashes/Extractions will have different effects and flavors and smells than other people’s.

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    I want to explain something that most people probably don’t realize. What we are doing with Marijuana Plants is not new, this is something that people have been doing for Thousands of years, and they have been doing it not only with Marijuana, but with pretty much any Plant that has a smell or an effect. In Hinduism this is called Aryuveda. Aryuveda is specifically the Hindu Art, but more Generally people think of “Eastern Medicine”, as opposed to “Western Medicine”. Western Medicine is about Fixing or Covering up, Eastern Medicine is about Preventing or Recalibrating. The Chakras did not come from the imagination, the Chakras were invented when people were doing surgeries and finding all these different connections in the body, between the Skeleton and the Brain and the rest of the Body (the Nervous System), just like Blood.

    So the things that people are doing in Dispensaries is not new. Butter, when done with other Plants, is called Enfleurage, and is usually like a Topical Perfume or Medicine. Then the Oil Extracts are called Oleoresins, and the Dried Extracts are called Concrete. Resinoids are something that could actually begin to be made in Dispensaries. Distillates are not new, that is how Essential Oils are made; also Steam Distillation is another option. And Absolute is the Perfume Product that is Sold to be mixed into Perfumes, which is basically the pure Delta-9-THC product that can be made in a Separatory Funnel, that Dispensaries act like is a “Trade Secret” that Organic Chemists can only do if they have PhDs.

    Then, from there, you can actually add things to the Molecules to create new Molecules. And I will be doing all of this very soon.

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    Caryophyllene is not very commonly known, but this is what they use to train Dogs to smell for Marijuana. Marijuana contains a good amount of Caryophyllene and so do other plants, examples are: Cloves, Hops, Basil & Oregano. Caryophyllene actually attaches to the CB1 receptor, but the plants that contain it are not illegal because it is not similar to THC in structure, Caryophyllene is actually the first Cannabinoid to be approved as a food additive by the FDA. Uziza leaf or the Uziza Peppercorns are the best source for Caryophyllene, Uziza is related to the Pepper plant and it is popular in Nigeria, but it has not been common in Europe since the Middle Ages. In Nigeria they use Pepper, Uziza, and other spices like “Grains of Paradise” that we do not use commonly here.

    Caryophyllene is known a “Terpene”. Cannabis contains a number of Terpenes, and another Major one is Lemonene/Biphenyl. They have found that Lemonene can actually effect your mood when smoked or ingested, and they are doing further research, in which I am pretty sure they are going to find that Lemonoids are an entire class of Cannabinoids.

    Myrcene is another Major Terpene in Cannabis. It is the most abundant Terpene in Hops, which means they are a large portion of what makes Beer what it is. It is also found in Lemon Grass and Indian Bay Leaves.
    Myrcene itself has Opiod Analgesic (Pain Killer) effects, but it also helps THC cross the Blood Brain Barrier, allowing less Marijuana or Hash to have more of an effect.

    Terpenes are an over arching group, but there are Diterpenes and Triterpenes and Sesquiterpenes, etc. And you can find them in pretty much every plant. Terpenes make up pretty much the entire world of Natural Smells and Medicines. Everything from Lemon Peels, to Tree Sap, to Cooking Herbs, to Catnip, Essential Oils,Aromatherapy oils etc etc etc. It all has some kind of Terpene in it.

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