ॐ Temple Coin ॐ

Temple Coin ॐ[TMPC]ॐ is a Scypt Coin, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) of 8% per year. The ICO started on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, so we already have a Community and are simply presenting that Community to the Bitcoin World. This may very well be the first Coin that is not about itself, but is part of an existing Community, and tied to something larger than itself, and that larger thing it is tied to is not called Bitcoin.

Temple Coin ॐ[TMPC]ॐ is not a single Coin, but the Backbone of a Community and a Network of Coins and we will be finding people around the World to create Coins with the name of their Home Towns and Countries. We will soon have an Ethereum Clone and a Bitshares Clone that we are currently working on now. If anyone would like to complete that now, you can get a Bounty for it, but our Team is currently doing it also, but are always willing to accept a New Coin into the Network.

<strong>Here are some of our Coin making Guides</strong>



Graphene (like Bitshares or Steemit)

HyperLedger (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS), like Bitshares or Steemit)

Tangle: The Non-Blockchain Cryptocurrency Model

Tangle: The Non-Blockchain Cryptocurrency Model

We are also looking for people who are interested in becoming Code Monks and coming to the United States to work for the Temple

The first 10,000 Blocks had 300 Coins each in them, and were mined by people from advertisments of the Coin on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter; we wanted to bring in New People, not create a Coin for Bitcointalk. So before you have a chance to say “I don’t want to use a New Coin unless it has New Code”, I would just like to point out that we don’t care and we already have a Community.

There will only ever be 138,461,538 Temple Coins total, and it was 9% premined, which is being used to hand out for Free in the ICO (still going on, maybe all the way through February) as well as for the Bounties.

ICO Bounty List

Node Bounties

As of January 20th, 2018, the day this is being announced on Bitcointalk, you will be able to buy Non-Recreational THCv Malawi Genetics mixed 50/50 with Dispensary Genetics. This will be the first sale of a real World item for Temple Coins, the same way Bitcoin was traded at 10,000 Bitcoins (now over $10,000,000) for 2 Pizzas. So we already have the basic “What can I do with these” question, solved.

There are already 100+ users total, as 50,000 Coins each was handed out to various individuals on Social Media and spread to their friends and family. Anything left over from the ICO (February 28th) will be used to Fulfill the Syllabus; and allow people to buy everything listed in the Syllabus for Temple Coins, which will start with Silver.


Once we are on an exchange, we will be starting a Tech Company in Armenia, and we will begin launching a Series of Coins.

After starting the Company in Armenia, we will find a Location for the first Physical Temple (of many), and we will begin to start our first Towns around the World using the Backpacking Routes found in the Official Cryptocurrency Towns Thread

<strong>The Official Cryptocurrency Towns Thread</strong>

Temple Exams, which will be conducted at the Temples and in the Towns. People can come to take Exams who are not involved in the Temples or the Towns, just to learn more about themselves.

Gods, Titles and Nations

What we are Starting that makes the Towns Possible is Mystery Schools

We will be getting 40Hz Shock machines and will be conducting Lucid Dreaming Tests, and once we have a Physical Temple, we will make it Public and begin making a Machine that increases your ability to Dream.

The Temple Tech will be combined with 2 things, 1st Fasting and Sacraments that cause effects like Fasting

And 2nd, we will be creating our own Drug Brand in the United States, a Brand that increases Mental Capability and Extends Life Spans.

Here is the research we will expand on to Extend Life Spans

For anyone who would like more information, read this

And we will be creating similar products for plants


You can find the Linux and Windows Wallets here

Temple Coin IRC Chat

The Hindu Hash Lab Facebook Group

This is the Trading Page, where you can sell things you own to get Temple Coins


We are currently also in the Process of getting a DEA Exemption for our Religion using the DEA Form 225 Process, found at this link.