THCv and Marijuana Lineages

This is the current theory of the route that Cannabis took to disperse all around the World.


Now that I know which of the Plants are Male and Female I can tell everyone what we are probably going to do as far as breeding, first, here are the plants:

Hindu Kush
Strawberry Diesel
Strawberry Stardawg
Malawi Gold
Banana Crack
Early Durban

Malawi Gold
Early Durban
Blue Mystic

So here are the Mixes I will be creating, none of these will be final strains, but instead will be “lineages” that I will use to create strains from by either mixing them together or mixing in other strains, and then locking in the genetics. The only way these will become strains is if there is a very good one and I keep it as a Mother Plant and give out clones for free, so that all of them are the same and there is no genetic diversity due to not being locked in.

Hindu Kush X Early Durban = Gandhi Kush

Strawberry Diesel X Malawi Gold = Malawberry Diesel

Banana Crack X Blue Mystic = Shiva’s Bananas

Strawberry Stardawg X Early Durban = Durban Strawberry or Durban Stardawg (depending on how much Strawberry is retained)

Malawi Gold X Early Durban = Malawi Durban Skunk

I may also do Early Durban X Malawi Gold, just to be able to cross those 2 cross back or with other things to get a higher and higher THCv content.

And that is if I just use 1 Branch from each plant and Pollenate that (then cover it with a ziplock bag), and don’t Pollenate multiple branches on a plant (2 at the most, then cover those with ziplock bags).

But those are mixes that will most likely be made and seeds collected from, during this current harvest.


Here is the goal with all of these strains-

Gandhi Kush: Hash making, and Indica effects, mixed with THCv effects

Malawberry Diesel: Terpenes (Flavors and Smells) and THCv

Shiva’s Bananas: Terpenes and Bud Coloring/Hue

Durban Stardawg: Terpenes and THCv

Malawi Durban Skunk: Tepenes and THCv (this is likely to be the highest THCv Combo out of all of them)



And if anyone does not know what THCv is, here is the best explanation of what it is that you will ever get in a quick read.


First off, THCv is a Cannabinoid. Similar to THC, another Cannabinoid is Delta-9-THC, THCa, CBD, CBG, CBA, etc. THCv is the only Cannabinoid that has reverse effects on appetite. Instead of giving you munchies, it actually makes you not hungry. Examples of Strains that are Common that have THCv are Girl Scout Cookies and Durban Poison (Girl Scout Cookies is also half Durban Poison). Most THCv Strains get their THCv from Durban, and only 2 Popular Strains have been Bred specifically to have high THCv content, Willie Nelson and Doug’s Varin. THCv can also be used for Diabetes because it actually has an effect on Insulin.

But the Highest THCv Strains in the World come from Africa, that is where Durban Poison is from (Durban, South Africa). And while most THCv Strains found in America and Europe are crossed with Durban (due to the South African connection to the British and the Dutch, hence Amsterdam), there are actually tons of African Strains that are all very Diverse Genetically, but all contain THCv. The theory behind this is that it is a Defense Mechanism from the Sun’s UVB rays, and you can actually increase THCv content by using UVB lights in your grow. Examples of African Strains are Malawi Gold, Durban Poison, Drakensberg landrace, Apando Mystic, Nigerian Hash Plant, Kilimanjaro, Senegal, Swazi, etc.

An example of another type of plant is “Kush”, Kush plants come from the Hindu Kush Mountains and from India, and again are pretty popularly in use because of the Indian connection to Britain and the Dutch (and again hence Amsterdam). Kush strains are Indica Dominant, and the pure Kush strains are 100% Indica, meaning that they have no THCv but high THC content, and sometimes high CBD content.

Similarly to Willie Nelson and Doug’s Varin, but in much larger numbers, Strains are being bred for their CBD content, and now there are strains with pretty much only CBD and very little THC. An example of this being done with THC would be White Widow; White Widow was the Highest THC Strain in the World when it was created and is a cross between Brazilian Landrace and Thai Landrace. Then White Russian was created by crossing White Widow with AK-47, and that became the Highest THC Strain in the world. And now every year just about there is a new strain that is higher in THC than ever before, and the same thing is happening with CBD. But that is not happening with THCv.

Hardly anyone, if anyone right now, is Breeding Strains specifically to get Higher and Higher THCv content, but that is what I am doing. So these strains, and the strains that come from them will be some of the Highest THCv containing Strain in the World.